Lucy Knowles

Lucy's been drawing since before she could walk. She joined The Foothill Dragon Press in August 2013 as an illustrator and hopes to one day go to work in advertising for the film industry.

Opinion: The Military-Industrial Complex: Imperialism of the 21st Century – The Foothill Dragon Press

As the dreaded tax season sneaks up upon America, Uncle Sam’s indomitable finger pointing firmly at your wheezy wallet, it’s only fair to ask where all your hard-earned green is headed. Many cynically lament on where they believe it will go: social welfare for the “lazy” poor, Obamacare for “socialist” America, subsidiaries for the malevolent Monsanto, etc. Yet the curious thing is both sides of the spectrum seldom stop to question one of federal revenue’s biggest recipients: the United States

The fading art of creating music – The Foothill Dragon Press

Everyone can learn how to throw a baseball, run from base to base, and hit the ball as well. Not all of us can actually become great baseball players, but with enough effort and practice, we learn enough to enjoy the game. The same goes for learning how to play an instrument, however, unlike people in today’s society who yearn to enjoy baseball, more and more people are shying away from the art and joy of making music. It is a true tragedy. Ever since Thomas Edison’s phonograph, which gave the

Alleged cheating threat understandable in Foothill’s environment – The Foothill Dragon Press

During finals week, a localized outbreak of alleged cheating infected Foothill. Surprising? Wait until you hear who the perpetrators were. AP and honors classes are often seen as strongholds of the intelligent, “good” students, deemed academically superior, destined for success, bound for collegiate rigor and achievement, etc. For this reason, it is quite shocking at first glance that such “great” students were the culprits of an apparently widespread cheating scandal. This is certainly no min

Administration oppresses girls through dress codes – The Foothill Dragon Press

Editor’s Note: Content has been removed from this article due to the Foothill Dragon Press’s policy regarding the use of anonymous sources. As unique as the Foothill community may like to imagine we are, we really aren’t. Besides the supposed acceptance and embracement of “nerds” and “geeks,” the power system at Foothill has the same control that any other institution has: the ability to abuse rules in order to maintain underlying dogma, in this case, sexism, that’s completely abusive to the yo

pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is impossible – The Foothill Dragon Press

Peer into the pulsing heart of American values and inside you will see a thousand circulating stories of prideful men and women who fought their way from rags to riches, who picked themselves up from the bootstraps and arose on top, victorious. These stories are the triumphs of capitalism, these stories are the fulfillments of the American Dream, these stories are the results of pure, hard work. The only problem is, they’re stories. We’d all like to believe we live in a society where the most

High school’s white-washed history curriculum – The Foothill Dragon Press

White-washed, sugar-coated, diluted history is the history we learn-at least in high school and all the years leading up to it. As students, we have never learned the complete truth without a biased spin overpowering the cold hard facts. We learn some truths while other truths are completely abandoned or promptly mentioned. The truth is drowned in a bunch of reasons why the heinous crime committed was actually necessary, fueling the ignorant attitude that the suffering of others somehow betters

Our fear of GMOs is completely unnecessary – The Foothill Dragon Press

When you hear that your food was or could have been genetically modified, it doesn’t sound good, right? However, contrary to that common belief, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are actually fine. We just don’t feel like researching it further than the horrific or extremely unnatural pictures you find on Google. As the words ‘genetically modified’ suggest, a genetically modified organism is not 100 percent natural, and has had its genetic material altered. But that doesn’t mean they are